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leg lymphoedema and pregnancy

Hi I have leg lymphoedema for 12 years.Im 36 and looking for someone, who had lymphoedema and recurring cellulitis during pregnancy. I have two children and in my case during pregnancy swelling was not to big. But when my little one was 1 I had first infection (cellulitis). From this time I am on long term penicillin and still have reoccuring infections (every one year). Because I am thinking about third child I would like to seek advice/information if anyone of you had cellulitis during pregnancy and how this affected you. This topic is very limited on many lymphoedema websides and I will be appreciated for answers x

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Has your Lymphoedema clinic given any advice? Your clinic and a gynaecologist need to work together, as some meds can affect the foetus.


I had an advice from gyn already and together with lymphoedema clinic they are not concerned about taking penicillin during pregnancy. This is safe for both. But I dont now how my body would respond on treatment of celluitis, in case of infection and later, after labour, is any increased risk of cellulitis because imminity is getting lower? They couldnt say anything about it:-(


I live in UK East Midlands x


Dear Marjol80, good luck with your third pregnancy if and when and it's great that your teams are working together! All to uncommon in our non holistic health service.

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