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Is it safe to start a family

Hi all, im new to this community. My partner and i want to start a famliy and was wondering if its ok to do so, yeah I'll see my doctor about it soon. I have been finding it hard to lose water/weight and have been trying to exercise and eat well. With working which im on my feet for 8 hours a shift all i want to do is get home to rub my feet, legs and arms as its becoming painful. Any one have any tips for me please as i feel its better to talk to you all due to the fact we all know how our bodies react. I some times feel doctors really dont know how we feel its all easy for them to say do this and do that.

Thanks for taking some time to read this x

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Hi cheekycandi - do you have primary lymphoedema, secondary lymphoedema or lipoedema. How old are you? Are you wearing compression garments? What sort of nutrition regime are you following?

Sorry for the personal questions, but it helps to build a picture in order to give suggestions/advice.

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Im 41, primary lymphoedema and wear compression high legged stockings at the moment as belly and arms are affected as well. Only wear stockings while i sleep as i find i cant wear them while I'm working. I have cut out salt and fat in foods.


Have you discussed your plan with your Lymphoedema Clinic? Do you know if there are genetic implications with your form of primary lymphoedema - it is unusual to have all limbs affected. Has lipoedema been eliminated?

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Hi, You can read about Lipoedema here :

I have secondary Lymphoedema & Lipoedema and find being a member of both LS N & Lipoedema U K very helpful.

Good Luck.


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