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Compression Stockings materials & allergies anyone? Advice please

Hi, this is for anyone no matter why you wear them. If you have had itchiness or worse from spandex (same as lycra) what brand, style and fabric did you find that did not bother you?

I need to find non latex, non spandex/lycra stockings. I'm not keen on spending $65 to $95 to try them out as a test. Likely not returnable.

I have a mild allergy to rubber/elastic too so always buy underwear with all elastic covered with cotton. I found cotton stockings (recommended for those with various allergies) but went to manufacturer's site and found they contain 25% spandex. Spandex is not on the packaging. So this will be a long research project unless anyone has ideas for me. Too bad Kendall Teds don't come in compression gradation because I had no trouble with the fabric, non-latex 100% nylon.

Juzo brand was mentioned to me, is lycra with a covering which is supposed to protect skin from the under layer lyrca. However, I called Juzo, that protective covering is made with 27% elastine, a rubber/latex product. It would be funny if I didn't need them last week. Thanks.

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Are you in the US? Has your lymphoedema therapist been able to advise? As you have found, compression without latex is hard to find! There are products available for ulcer patients, called 'liners' - which are worn under compression to protect the skin - something like that may work. What about Farrow Wrap? This could be worn over a non-allergy skin cover.

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Yes in the US. PT gave me same info as fitting/sales person at the supply store. Thanks, liners are a good idea, didn't know about them.


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