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Mammogram advice

Hi, had this years mammo last week, currently anxiously awaiting the results. 2 yrs ago with first one ever the lady got someone to check she had all the info she needed, less than a month later diagnosed with cancer in both breasts!!! Last year no need to check if she had all the info......all clear. This year she got someone to check and I'm a bit scared in case the cancer is back or does anyone know if Lymph fluid would show up on the mammo and that is what they may have been looking at. As always grateful for any help and advice

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My tumour wasn't spotted with the mammogram, but the radiographer was very thorough and repeated the slides and found it. I have been called back 3 times since then (2001) and each time it was just them being vigilant - there has been nothing found! Doesn't stop me having a bit of a wobble - but that is only normal.


Lymphatic fluid does not show on a mammogram. Having another mammographer to check images does not indicate a problem. You may have had a trainee who has to have her images checked or there can be technical issues with today's digital equipment. Also, if you have had surgery, the scarring can make the mammogram looked distorted. That is why the images are reported by a radiologist and not by the radiographer whose skill is in taking the best images possible.


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