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Relocation problem

Hi there, this is my first post here and already I need some advice.

I have Lymphadema and Chronic Venous Insufficiency in both my legs, I wear copression garments level III on my left leg and level II on the right one daily.

I am looking for a career change and recently I have found a wonderful volunteering opportunity in Madang in Papua New Guinea and applied immediately. The problem is Papua New Guinea has hot and humid tropical climate, which is the worst what can be for swelling.

So my question is: has any of you lived/been on holidays in a tropical country and how have you coped with the (increased) swelling there? Do you think it is manageable (and manageable for a year every day)?

The work would be mainly in air conditioned office and the accomodation would be air conditioned as well, but I would need to travel to and fro and also spending a year avoiding any outdoors and just hiding in the office/apartment doesn't seem like a very appealing option...

This is a really good opportunity and great adventure, but I wouldn't like to jeopardise my health (too much)...

And more generally, what climate/countries do you think are the best for living with our condition?

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Oh what an amazing opportunity! I think you are already aware of the challenges of having lymphoedema and living in such a humid climate; but as long as you are sensible then i think you will cope. Equally important is to make sure you are well protected from cellulitis and very careful if you get any mosquito or other insect bites. Make sure that you have a good supply of antibiotics with you and keep them in the right conditions so that they are still effective; just in case this occurs. i would like to suggest that you take an IPC lympha-press pump and trousers with you to use daily; but not sure if you would be able to do that. Enjoy the adventure; don't let lymphoedema stop you from living your life to the full. NNE


How amazing! What an opportunity. Naomi has given sound advice - make sure you have adequate stores of anti-biotics with you, and that you keep them in the required conditions to prevent deterioration - then they are ready 'just in case' you should develop cellulitis. Are you already doing self-management with skin care and SLD? Could you go on the proviso that should you develop a serious case of infection, your contract could be cut short in order to get home for appropriate treatment? Will you get insurance - also a question worth asking! A friend who had primary lymphoedema could not get it. ask questions!


Thanks for all your replies and support! :) I haven't got the position yet, but thanks to your advice I feel more confident that if the opportunity arises, I can stand up to it.

My management so far has only been limited to wearing garments and visiting my lymphadema clinic once in a while, although now it's been managed (actually I think it got a little better recently due to moving to more moderate climate Poland -> UK and generally having less stress in life) so I kind of neglected that... I try to avoid carrying heavy stuff and hot/humid weather.

Apart from leg swelling I am generally healthy; I have never had Cellulitis but had laser surgery on my veins in the worse left leg a couple of years ago though.


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