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Information on lymphodema


My GP thinks I have lymphodema and she has referred me the centre for vascular medicine. I was just trying to get some information on treatments.

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Hi sweetie

Am seeing my doctor this morning regarding lymphoedema and also a update on my thyroid and any allergys

I may have as I noticed my legs becomes more painful after eating or under stress

there is a book test to find out if you have lymphoedema

I am seeing a vascular surgeon on the 20th May so hopefully he or she will know what's wrong with me all I know is my legs are heavy painful and numb from the knees down and have to wear support to stop them getting bigger then they all ready are.. I update you late once I get results

Do you get pain in the side of your legs I mean the left and right side of one leg that starts from the ankle to the upper thigh ? X and does your ankles hurt when you move them ?

Have a look at the website of the Lymphoedema Support Network You can also telephone them and they have leaflets they can send you. Also have a look at the NHS Choices website & 'lymphoedema'.

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