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Has everyone else's affected limbs etc. grown larger? Is it too late to get tickets for this year's patient conference?

My left arm has got larger and the skin is also lumpy. I was wondering if other people had the same problem. I have had lymphoedema for six years now. I don,t have an appointment with my clinic until the end of October. I can't wear a compression sleeve as I have poor circulation. I have had a few sessions on the Lymph assist but the machine was only on loan for a few weeks at my clinic.

Does anyone have the details for the Newcastle Support Group? Is it too late to get tickets for the conference? I don't even know where it is being held.

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Next Newcastle support group is on Saturday 18th October at 2pm at St Oswalds in Gosforth. Sorry I don't have contact details to hand but I can dig them out if you want - but they're all very friendly and won't mind at all if you just turn up.


If you or anyone in the Newcastle Support Group would like to try the Lympha Press please Compression Therapy system, please let us know. We would happily spend a day with the group so that you can all try it.



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