Lymphodema specialist nurses in the Bristol area

Please can you advise where the local referral centres are in Bristol please. I am going to GP tomorrow and am going to tell him where I want to be referred to. I have been to hospital today for a different reason and the nurse was doing an ECG on me, she would not put the electrodes on my legs,, saying it was the worse case of lymphedema she had ever seen and was worried that the sticky pads would tear my skin. So no messing around now, I need proper treatment. Many thanks.


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  • Macmillan Lymphoedema Service, Portishead and Royal United Hospital, Bath - you can find the contact details here - However, your GP should be able find the nearest NHS Lymphoedema Clinic via the NHS Intranet - usually available via the PC screen on his desk.

  • Thank you Lynora, I rang the LSN office this morning as they gave me the same info as you. I have told my GP this and he has sent an Email to the secretary to see if there is one in Bristol. Why don't they believe you what you tell them! I said that there may be ones in Bristol but that is for secondary lymphedema (I must admit I was quite impressed with my knowledge this morning, I think the GP even raised an eyebrow and gave a slight nod of approval). So there you have it. That is the situation for me at the present time.

    Oh, he did add, but who is going to wrap your legs? For pity sake! I have given information to the GP and still more questions.

    Totally cheesed off with it all.

    That link does not work I am sorry to say?


  • The link is to the BLS website - have a look at the Directory page on

  • Thank you Lynora, have managed to get onto the website now. I am pleased to say that the information I gave my GP today will be no different to any information his secretary will find. :)

    Many thanks


  • hi harpy 1

    i'm in brizzle too! the lymphoedema service covering bristol, s glos & n somerset is funded by macmillan but sees people with primary & secondary, they have clinics in loads of the gp services

    their base is in portishead - tel 01275 547 573, haven't got the address to hand but i think it's the marina health centre

    their main base in bristol is cossham hospital but, like i say, they do clinics here there & everywhere & will either book you in to the one nearest you or, if there's an appt available sooner somewhere else & you're happy to travel a bit then they'll do that

    manager's called lorraine - sorry, can't remember her family name at the moment

    & they have a team of lovely nurses

    there's also a support group that meets 4 times a year in filton -

    & here you go, link to the team too

    hope that's useful & you have a gert lush time meeting them!

  • Hi Norberte, 'ark at ee' with your gert lush ! lol Thank you, I did not realise that the base in Portishead would re-direct me to somewhere in Bristol. You are quite correct, it is the Marina Health Centre. I got the details from the BSL website that Lynora supplied. Well, perhaps I shall get to meet you at one of these meetings?

  • sounds like a plan!

  • I see that there is a meeting next week! I might pluck up the courage and attend :)

  • yes, do - they're v friendly & don't forget to leave a bit of room for the tea & cakes!

    i can't get there on tues, but i still remember turning into the car park the first time i went, thinking 'is this the right place?' & saw people with compression garb on turfing out of other cars, which was a bit of a clue!

    apart from the lsn conference, it was the first time i'd seen so many people with sleeves, gloves, stockings & various other bits covered in nylon

    hope you enjoy it, don't forget that partners / friends are v welcome if you'd prefer not to go on your own (although i went on my own & it was fine)

  • Thank you Norberte and thank you for the advice about leaving room for tea n cakes!


  • YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! After a decade I have got a referral appointment at The Marina HC. Sept.19th whooopwhooop cant wait.!

  • Great news Harpy1 lets hope you get the help and support you need

  • Hi Harpy1

    Could i point out to you who are the retailers of Compression therapy Equipment in the UK and you could discuss further with Naomi Northen-Ellis (On this Network) who is also has Primary lymphoedema but is not a sufferer.

    Regards Ade

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