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Does anyone suffer from ulcers in their legs?

I have been diagnosed and treated for Lymphodema for 15 years and use compression stockings throughout this time. I have primary lymphedema that went undiagnosed for so many years. Both legs are affected but the right leg is the worst. For the last year I have suffered from leg ulcers in the right leg. Initially one nasty ulcer near the ankle on the rear of the leg. I have been in 4 layer bandaging on this leg since June 2012. Now two more ulcers have developed on the front of the leg for no apparent reason. Dermatology at my local hospital are confounded and now I am waiting to see a cardio vascular surgeon next week on 30 May. Has anyone else suffered anything similar?

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yes ...I did...I have had fat legs for about 10 years ...after developing a number ofulcers on my worst lower leg (left) and 2 on my right lower leg last had the District Nurse visit for 5 months who cleaned and dressed them and then was referred to the Lymphoedema Clinic for assessment and was finally diagnosed in October...and now wear compression stockings and so far have had no more ulcers.

I have read that once someone with Lymphoedema has had ulcers they can reappear some time down the track...I am hoping I never get them again I pay particular attention to the skin on my legs and make sure there are no breaks in the skin anywhere ...and if there is I apply antiseptic cream immediately as a precaution


Hi Ronlin, I am so pleased your ulcers have cleared up. Unfortunately mine developed despite wearing compression stockings and daily using cetraben cream to moisturise the skin. Two additional ulcers have appeared despite having 4 layer bandaging since last June. That is hat is mystifying and frustrating. It will be interesting to see what the Cardiovascular surgeon says next Thursday.



I do suffer terribly with cellulitis in both my legs. I have full body lipadema and secondary lymphodema in both legs. with Arthritis of my knees and metabolic o

my first case was -I noticed i was seeping fluid from my leg, which was red and swollen and hot, my GP diagnosed cellulitis. and put me on anti biotics and prescribed antibiotic cream Frucidin. luckily it cleared up.

since that attack I get the same, in the same place every three months. I use epiderm cream to moisturize my legs everyday, wear compression stockings (made in England ). I have a double dose of antibiotics and antibiotic cream at home on stand by for each eruption. my worst one was last month in my other leg, my leg swelled was stiff , bright red on my entire foot and up to my knee, hot, I felt flu symptoms, anti biotics struggled to sort it, but finally did.

its a nightmare- I have to regularly get my husband to inspect my legs

and feet for cuts, scratches etc.


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