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I have just kept my bandaging on for 10 days while I was away yes I went away

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to France and sailed a motor boat around the canals. To my delight I managed brilliantly but we did stop after lunch and that was it for the day legs up resting. Actually I captained the crew sailed the boat and mastered driving through locks and past weirs. Brilliant never thought I would be able. Climbing out of the boat was a terrible problem and avoiding getting bumped but here I am just having seen the nurse for week eleven bandages and ordering farrow wraps At last!

I feel that with my fybro and rotten vertabrae I have achieved something and when ever I think about it I find myself smiling. The airports were brilliant and pushed me around in wheel chairs to save my walking. I thank them for their consideration. Well done Fly be!

Now I am back home trying to remember how to achieve the same level of gentleness on my body dont be put of guys do have a go it just takes more organising xgins

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That is awesome.. what an amazing trip for you.. Way To Go!!!!!!

I'm delighted for you. We must not let our condition limit our enjoyment of life! What are you planning next?!

wow, gins! how fab is that - i love how you still kept everyone else working hard in the afternoons while you were working hard at looking after your lymph

sounds absolutely brilliant - what a shame you can't put pictures up, but i'm sure we can all imagine you sitting there with a huge smile on your face

i went to st ives in january (mad idea) & it took me an hour to walk from the barbara hepworth sculpture garden to the tate the 'less steep' way ("should take about 10mn") but i still grin about it (& try to forget the next days in bed - nice view though!)

thanks for letting us know such good news - now, this afternoon i assume you're going to sit down, feet up, close your eyes & picture yourself back on the boat with a sly glass of red ...

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How right you are when I feel down I close my eyes and I am back on board with a glass of the local cider lovely jubly. Shame we only had cake to eat but that is another story :)

i'm sure cider counts as one of your 5 a day!

Thats brilliant Norberte I shall use that tonight :) xgins

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