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Blue Badge?


Hi again, has anyone been issued with a blue badge due to their Lymphoedema? I'm thinking about applying for one as this last bout of phlebitis has left me struggling to walk very far at all and needing to use crutches. I'm sure this will improve as my symptoms decrease. I work full time and driving is a necessary part of my job, I'm not asking for any money or DLA just some help to park a little bit nearer wherever I need to go.

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I have a Blue Badge but it was a struggle to get my Lymphoedema isn't my only disability i still had to have a walking assessment before they finally issued it I would suggest you should try i think it depends on the authority issuing the Blue badge and how they interpret the Government Guidelines regarding the issue It may be be worth getting a letter from your GP to support the application

hi colby

i guess the simple answer is that if you don't apply you definitely won't get one!

i'm not much help - got one but not cos of lymph - but here's a bit of info about the criteria:

they've tightened up the criteria in the last few years though - if you don't meet one of the 'automatic' criteria (so in effect your walking's been assessed already) the expectation is that you can't walk more than 100 yards, or you can but it would cause severe pain, & that your walking impairment's permanent

some local authorities will issue short-life badges if you're temporarily disabled but most won't

as firteen says, depends on how friendly your local authority is, & you'll need your gp to be onside too

when i renewed mine last year, my local authority's form was twice as long as the time before, seemed to assume you're a lying slacker unless you can prove otherwise, & they charge an 'admin fee' as well

if you follow that link it'll take you to your local authority's page & you can see what they've got to say

good luck - & if you get one, good luck finding a blue badge space that's not been nicked by someone who hasn't got one!

hi when my Lymphodema was at its worst l had to use two sticks and could not walk far. I applyed for one but because some days are better than others l could not have one. this was from kirklees at Huddersfield

what is the saying, "You have to be in it to win it" Go for it, but like the guys say, be careful with how you word things.

As my O/T officer told me, never give them info on your good days, people always start with on a good day i can. Expand on the bad days and how less of a distance you can walk. Having your GP back you up is always a good thing. Our District criteria must all be different. Never had to have any type of assesment myself for mine, but also have a muscle condition and lung problem so maybe this helped my application.

My friends father who is in his 80's had severe spinal problems and major difficulty walking, he has been turned down.

The Topic of Spaces for disabled drivers always get me angry, I was at a shop to pick up a delivery at the weekend a young lad of 19ish was sat in his car with all his mates having a MCDonalds in a non associated business car park with McD's. When my Husband and i parked in the only other space a good 500 yards further from the door, we looked in his window no badge no tax on the vehicle...Grrrrrrrr. Yip i couldn't help myself and had a go at the driver, only to be met with vile crap form the other passengers.

Me on two walking sticks and having to be helped in and out of a vehicle with difficulty , against 5 young lads at 12 noon on a sat with nothing better to do. Sometimes not really worth the having, when other abuse the system that is set out to help people who really need it.

34 Disabled spaces that day, only 7 people showing Blue Badges, what can i say. My Husband pointed this out the the shop owner, all he did was shrug his shoulders and say, not worth the hassle for us mate.

Hope you get the badge x

I agree, go for it, but when filling out the form remember how you feel when you are at your worst not when you can "just about manage". You have to play them at their own game. If its exaggerating slightly then so be it. Its no good answering that you are able to walk some days with no problems as they will latch onto that and more than likely dismiss the claim. Good luck and keep us informed.

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