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Anyone have Anaemia along with Lymphoedema?


Got a letter from my GP to go have bloodwork done then make an appointment with him in a few days to discuss the results...seems I have recent mild anaemia...was prolly picked up in my bloodwork done a month ago... so I am wondering if anaemia is part and parcel of Lymphoedema as well

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hi ronlin

don't think so - i get a bit anaemic every now & then but just top up the iron & then it stays stable for ages

tip: unless you're so anaemic they're thinking about transfusions, ask your gp for 1/2 the usual dose of iron tablets

takes a bit longer to get your ferritin / haemoglobin levels up but much easier to manage - iron bungs most people up!

hope you get it sorted - i know you're determined to keep the exercise going, so you don't need the extra fatigue anaemia can bring even if it is recent & mild

Hi, I'm anaemic due to gynae problems not my Lymphoedema, but just discovered that the tranexmic acids they prescribed may have led to my current severe phlebitis so I won't be taking them any more!!!


Thanks for your replies....yes I knew iron bungs one up lol...another issue is I get constipated too for which I am having Metamucil ...I will wait and see what I my GP can sort for me

as well as good old prunes, apricots are even better for un-bunging - cheapest way to get loads in is to put a tin of them, with about 1/2 the juice, into a blender & drink the homemade smoothie

& colby, it is a minefield isn't it - i had to swap my drugs for high blood pressure cos amlodipine isn't good for lymphoedema, fortunately my gp's usually on the ball & did spot that one


Thanks ...I will try the apricot smoothie.... I also like prunes ...such a lot to learn and to adjust our diets with this condition...a real learning curve

yes I have had anemia now for over 12 years, I am on Folic Acid long term, have had iron tablets but they do not improve my anemia. always so very tired, often cold in legs and in my bones, headaches, achy, and can be fuggy in my head forgetful. my GP has run out of suggestions now.

I love leafy green veg, brussels, spinach, cabbage, etc...


well it seems I was just 1 point under the normal number for...and when the second lot of blood work was done my number was back within the accepted number range all is well on the anaemia front...I don't have it,,,yeyyyyy

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