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My best tips for living with asthma

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I've noticed that when many people talk about managing their asthma, they name their medicines. I'd never tell anyone to chuck their medicine, and I don't want to decry that approach, but mine differs. I don't mean to sound holier-than-thou either. In a pinch, I'd reach for my rescue inhaler. However, since going under the care of a naturopathic doctor who understands both traditional and herbal medicine, I have not needed it.

Other steps I've taken to avoid an asthma crisis include following the Mediterranean diet, wearing an asthma mask when air conditions are bad, avoiding fumes where possible, filtering the air in my house when needed, adopting a walking regimen, lowering the stress in my life, using a salt lamp to ionize the air naturally, getting enough rest, and laughing often.

These things, taken together, don't cost as much as a visit to the emergency room. Plus I feel great. I can't recommend healthy living enough.

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good for you ask your doctor about magnesium

Tell me about the salt lamp. What does ionizing the air do?

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