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Living with Asthma
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1. Get properly diagnosed! Don't just go on the physician's assumption that you have asthma. Be sure you receive the proper tests to assure you are dealing with asthma and not something more benign.

2. Get a plan! Ask the doctor for a specific asthma plan. When do I take what medicines and when do I come back to the doctor or seek emergency care?

3. Be compliant! Take your meds, inhalers, etc, as prescribed.

4. Know your limits! I was busy running and doing all the time. I soon realized to enjoy any quality of life I had to pace myself.

5. Know your triggers! I do not have allergies but know that extremely cold and very humid weather affects my breathing.

6. My asthma is directly associated with chronic sinusitis. Be watchful of all of your respiratory system.

7. Get off processed foods! Eat healthy with plenty fruits and vegetable.

8. Exercise regularly. Pace yourself and do what you can...walk in your house, do leg lifts, just do something.

9. Live well with faith!

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Thanks for your 9 great tips!


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