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Living with Asthma
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Anxiety and Asthma

So for the past few months I've been in and or of the ER With major anxiety and a tight chest, only until this last time a docot decided to look at my lung and noticed that "hey you aren't breathing right" and I've been diagnosed with asthma.

I'm having trouble coping though because my asthma attacks can be triggered by my anxiety and my anxiety can be triggered by my asthma attacks.. so they prescribed me a few preventative inhalers but those are now giving me anxiety... it's a vicious cycle and I need help!

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That's interesting. I too have anxiety and asthma. I take citalopram which greatly reduces the anxiety and qvar to prevent the asthma. I hope this helps


If we only knew which came first the chicken or the egg? Same with anxiety and asthma then one day I tried to figure how why I was so distressed as I was writing down why I was so stressed out I did not notice I started to breath much better.

An asthma attack is enough to scare any one into a panic attack So we have to make sure we can help eliminate any thing that causes us undue stress.

Pin and paper does help start the process. I hope this helps a small change. It is a start. It did help me to start changing some of my lifestyles.

Good luck and remember we do have some control over our

Lives. May Your higher power bring some better breathing.


I would get a 2nd or even 3rd opinion. I've been taking asthma medications and suffering the horrible side effects for almost 6 years. I recently went to a pulmonologist and after he gave me several breathing tests and took chest xrays. He told me he doesn't think i have asthma! He told me that i may have vocal cord dysfunction or reactive airway disease. Start keeping a journal with what you eat and when you get symptoms etc., And research your symptoms online. Doctors misdiagnose people all the time, sometimes intentionally to make more money. Sad, but true. Remember, you are your own best doctor! Hope this helps.

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Yeah a second trip to the ER had another doctor saying they think I had just made my self so anxious that my lungs were just temporarily inflamed?! I'm definitely gonna go get more opinions thanks so much!


I'm feeling the exact same way as you. My asthma causes panic, or my panic exacerbates the asthma. Have you found something to help alieve the anxiety?




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