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Ask the Allergist: How Weight Loss Impacts Asthma

Ask the Allergist: How Weight Loss Impacts Asthma

Every month, we sit down with a board-certified allergist to answer a question from a reader. This month, Maeve O'Connor, MD, of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Relief (AAIR) in Charlotte, N.C., discusses how weight loss can help improve asthma symptoms.

Watch the video here:

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I have been on an anti-inflammatory diet for 17 days. I noticed a big improvement the first week. I have lost five pounds of the prednisone weight I was dealing with since February. I am still having attacks but not the abdominal distention or squeeze on my ribs and sternum like I used to get. Besides it possible helping inflammation and the weight loss I am basically eliminating everything that was bad for me and putting me at risk for other health issues like diabetes and cardiac problems. I was already a vegetarian, now I'm usually vegan, gluten free, almost sugar free and eating tons of healthy stuff!


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