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Still waiting on approval for Nucala

I'm usually a lurker, with little to add. The posts on this site are wonderful and full of good information and coping ideas for asthma/COPD. My pulmonologist thinks I would be a good candidate for Nucala, but I've been waiting for nearly 3 months for financial assistance approval for the injections. Where I'm at, it's a little over $3000/month and that is more than my income! I'm a little afraid of it since it's so new, but the idea of something that can give me the relief and off some of the many meds I take now will hopefully be worth it all. If and when I finally get approval, I'll try to post my experience(s) with the new injections. I'll keep reading to see how others are fairing with it. Best of luck and health to everyone!

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Hi jimborasco, sorry about the late reply. Over $3000/month for medication is just crazy, what are you currently taking?

The community is just getting started, please stay with us and share your experiences :)


Hi jimboraco I was just approved for Nucala and it truly was a game changer for me. I was doing a round of prednisone every 4 weeks along with 4 puffs of Symbicort daily. Day after my first shot I felt almost normal and I haven't needed prednisone for 2 months and am down to 2 puffs a day. My only concern is of any long term side effects. No one seems to know as it has only been approved 9 months ago. I hope you get approved and all goes well.


That sounds you understand how it works?


No not really. I think the Nucala binds with eosinophils leading to less mucous production and coughing. I've noticed less shortness of breath also. It is not a cure-- I still need Symbicort two puffs instead of four per day. I'm hoping for a cure coming in 3-4 years through research in France and England.


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