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Living with Asthma
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Continual Asthms Issue

Hello everyone. I moved to Utah from Kansas 10 months ago and have been struggling with Asthmatic conditions and other problems for about a month now. The Asthma is the worst I've ever had! I wheeze all the time and it is very hard to sleep at night. I have never had this much difficulty. I've never had a cough that lasted for two plus weeks either. I'm on steroids, antibiotics and an inhaler( 4-6 times per day).  Why the change now?? I'm 64 years of age. RedWingedEagle2

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I bet there is something in the air in Kansas that is bothering you.  You must be so frustrated.  I wonder if  you saw an allergist you might find out what is triggering your asthma.  I am new to asthma too.  I am 70 and was first told I might have asthma about 10 years ago.  It kind of came and went back then but since last May I hear a little squeaks everyday.  I have tried a bunch of different drugs but am not happy with the side effects, mostly sleeplessness.  Hopefully you will stop coughing soon. 

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