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Living with Anxiety
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What are you grateful for?

Being in the peacefulness of the early morning breathing out the old in the new in the moment which will serve me throughout the day

My friends here

My body’s ability to go on runs

All of God’s nature and His blessings for us all

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Lovely things to be grateful for Starr. :)

I am also greatful for family and great friends:) I hope you are doing ok :) ❤️


Hey Ellie! Doing pretty good over here, thanks. Have a good weekend!


Thank you. You too.


Hello Starrlight :-)

I am grateful for seeing your post :-/

Hope you are keeping as well as can be :-)

Take Care x

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Just to be able to wake up another day being here on earth grateful to make my kids happy.

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Curious what are your favorite things to do with your kids?


well we have a pool we have pool day or i take them out sometimes there is a go cart and skating ring here in my town.


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