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Anexity physical symptoms


Just wondering what kind of anexity physical symptoms do you guys have daily? Please let me know I hope I'm not the only one feeling all this

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Hello John1995 :-)

Well here goes , these will be just a few I remember I bet I could add more as I feel them

Headaches /migraines

Going dizzy feeling like I might pass out

Sweating or feel like I am burning up

Shaking , legs feeling like jelly

Heart beat fast or like butterflies in my heart or missed heart beats

Gulping for air or feeling I am struggling to breath

Jolting in my sleep

Feeling sick

Indigestion problems and feeling like a lump in my throat

Stomach problems

Like I said these are just some that come straight to my mind I am sure I have had lots more over the years , anxiety is powerful

Anybody got any more physical symptoms they have that they can share with JohnTse ?

Take Care x

John1995 in reply to lulu-1

I feel the same, I scared the most is dizzy and weakness body. Thank you for always support!!!!

John1995 in reply to John1995

Do you experience chest pain as well?

lulu-1 in reply to John1995

Anxiety gives you so many physical symptoms , I know it makes you feel that there must be something wrong but as long as you have been checked out with your Doctor and had the all clear you do have to try and trust them remember when it comes to your physical health they are the experts :-)

Yes I have had pains in my chest as well , we have muscles all over are body and when we are anxious they get tense and then they start to ache and hurt and this is normally why we can feel pain

Hold your arm out in front of you , clench your fist as tight as you can and hold it there till you start to feel the pain going up your arm and that is because you are tensing those muscles in your arm you will feel that pain the same can happen in your chest as well as anywhere else you have pain when you are anxious x

Hi JohnTse

Mine change to how I feel daily as over the years I have learnt to manage them the best that I can.

My symptoms are -


Dry mouth

Sweaty hands and feet

Short of breath

Heart racing

Muscle aches

Head aches

Trouble staying asleep.

There are lots more that can and do occur. These would be the main ones I still regularly have.

It probably won’t feel like it now and it takes a lot of hard work but it can be managed with different therapy’s.

It’s really unpleasant to have to experience anxiety in this way and I hope you can find ways to help you manage your symptoms. X

John1995 in reply to Ellie34

I just having anxiety for almost a year now ! I i feeling all these physical symptoms too just wondering have you experience chest pain as well?

Ellie34 in reply to John1995

When anxiety takes control it is a very difficult cycle to break and feels very scary. I haven’t had chest pain for a very long time but I know it can happen. Unfortunately anxiety can cause so many physical symptoms. Lots of people end up in hospital thinking they are having a heart attack and it’s actually a panic attack.

If you are worried it may be worth to get a doctor to confirm to you that’s it’s anxiety and panic and then you start can focus on how to control it.

I hope that your day today has been the best that it can be x

John1995 in reply to Ellie34

I had check in the hospital already, cause I’m the one scared I’m having heart attack went to emergency, done blood test, ECG and x Ray my heart totally fine doctor said just anxiety make me feel that

Lots of fear. Circular/excessive thoughts, worry. Your not the only one. Anxiety is very common. Just do an internet search & look at the #’s. Take care

John1995 in reply to Rlich

Same I always worry and I hate the most when I get dizzy, jelly body or unbalance body. Do you experience chest pain as well?

Lightheaded dizzy spells feeling like I’m going to faint

John1995 in reply to Ashley1489

Yes that’s what I hate the most

So over the past 6 months i'm having health anxiety because i google my symptoms and then i worry of different diseases like all the time and now i have this bad anxiety i have now this tremors in shoulders and arms but i can hardly see them shaking if i look at my arms but i feel them when i'm sitting or lyingdown especially at night do you think amxiety gives you tremors all the time like 24/7 i'm like focusing on them and its really making me more anxious. Has anyone ever felt the same? Thank you

SAP1983 in reply to Hamiddkhnn

I have the same, started with heart symptoms then vibrations/ tremors, easily startled, tension headaches, horrible muscle tension and my face feels tight... so weird

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