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It’s gotten worse


Geez i haven’t been on here in a while & that’s mostly because my anxiety hasn’t been as bad as before but that is changing quickly. I can barely sleep at night anymore because i feel constant anxiety wondering if my manger at work is going to text me on a mistake i made or if i left a crumb on the floor. A little back story, she picks out every little flaw and this sounds like grade school but she really only criticizes me & none of my other coworkers who don’t do half of what i do. I just don’t know if i can do this job anymore because my anxiety is real bad right now and i only focus and worry about that and I’m not sure if there’s any answer that can help but i just don’t know what to do and I’m so overwhelmed.

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Hello Priscillar307 :-)

Glad that you have been feeling better but sorry to see that you have gone down again which is something that anxiety seems to do we have are good spells and are not so good spells

What you are going through at work does not seem acceptable , I am sure that it must be making you anxious , have you ever thought about actually speaking to this manager and letting them know how they are making you feel ?

I know this would be a big thing for you to approach with them but sometimes as we can be sensitive people do not always realise how they are making us feel and by talking it through can sometimes be shocked as well as then change the way the treat us , I wonder if it would be worth trying ?

Also managers usually have someone above them or maybe you are in a Union as bullying if you feel this is what is happening is not acceptable in the work place , maybe you could contact or write to someone above the manager and put your concerns to them ?

I know how difficult it is to speak out but I do think we have to sometimes , if nothing changes once we have then we know we tried but there is always that chance that it could change things and in a positive way :-)

Remember they may be a manager but no better than you and have no rights to make you feel uncomfortable , so if you can speak up , you deserve to be listened to and treated fairly :-)

Take Care x

Priscillar307 in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much! Yes I’ve contemplated speaking to her but I’m very scared, which makes me feel worse because i shouldn’t be this scared and anxious over work you know? And what makes it worse is that it’s a family owned business and the person above her is the owner who happens to be her dad /: I’m basically walking on eggshells because at the same time i dont wanna loose this job, but i dont know how to approach this situation

Hidden in reply to Priscillar307

Hello :-)

I know how you will be feeling and I would feel the same but would have to ask myself , I could face that fear and either talk with her or the Father and I would only have to do that once or have to live in fear every single day I was working for them , I think I would choose just facing it once and talk to them

They should be professional and if they were not then it would be a company that no matter how much you needed the job would be one anyway that would not be suitable long term

There is a saying

Face the fear

And do it anyway :-)

Let us know how you get on :-) x

Sorry I didn’t see this reply to Lulu when I replied to you.

I can see how this makes it harder to approach but I agree with eveything Lulu has said.

I hope that it all works out for you. :)

Hi Priscillar307

I’m sorry to hear that your anxiety has come back.

I can relate to your situation quite a lot. When I am having bad days or even good days I often go home with the same worry about having done something wrong or have said something to upset someone, when actually none are true.

I have also experienced the same problems with more than one manager. It’s very hard to go every day when this happens. It makes such a difference to your work and home life which takes its toll on physical and mental health.

I would advise to speak to the union if you have one or speaking to a senior manager if that is possible. We are all equal no matter the position and should be treated with respect. I really do hope that you can get it sorted. Another thing if it is an option you are able to take is to take some time out to work on managing your anxiety. I know that when you feel like that it’s good to have time to gain control back. I really hope that you get things sorted at work and your anxiety will become less too xx

Thank you for replying! I’m sorry you suffer and can relate because it’s an unfortunate situation but it feels better knowing I’m not the only one. Yes exactly, and then when you know you did nothing wrong but still getting reprimanded is an awful feeling. And yes, my home life is suffering because i cant give them my all because I’m suffering mentally and then that drives me into a worse state knowing I’m being a downer. I’m just worried that i will get fired for expressing how i feel as that is what happened with a past employee- she spoke up about concerns and they let her go.


Hello Priscillar307

I'm sorry to hear that your line manager is causing you so much anxiety. These texts are they being sent to your personal phone and during work time? Sometimes I find texts and e-mails aggressive when they're not due to the lack of body language and lack of tone of voice. Surely speaking to you face to face would be better. I think this may be a good place to start. It's difficult assess if you're the only one being pulled up if other co workers are being sent this information the same way. They may be keeping very quiet about it as they too may feel they're in grade school too!

Hope things resolve themselves and soon.

Priscillar307 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for the response! Yes they’re being sent to my personal phone at all different hours but especially at around 7 am (she opens) & right in the morning i get anxiety because i know I’ll just be ridiculed for ridiculous reasons. My other coworkers happen to be her friends..... so they don’t get this backlash and i cant vent to them because i know they’ll just end up telling her....):

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