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literally feeling like i'm constantly going to die!!

ive been dealing with anexity since i was 20 and now im 28 and still dealling with it ive been to doctors and they do all this tests and they say everything is normal and nothing is wrong with me but i think otherwise...i constantly feel like im gonna die every minute of the day, any sec or any second...i have a huge fear of death in general and ive been prescribed xanax 0.5mg but it's not helping me someone please explain to me whats goin on ....

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It sounds like you have Health Anxiety

I suffer with it but the difference I find is where so many have posted with the same fear they are brave enough to go & get tests done where I have not got the guts to do that as I fear they will tell me the worse so I just worry in silence yet if only I could be tested for my fears because I would then have to say , how could all those tests me wrong , I would have something to reason with these fears

I mean I know how Health Anxiety feels and yes you do feel like every minute of every day this will be it but then ask yourself if you have been tested fr everything would all those Doctors & tests come back wrong ....the less anxiety part of our brains knows deep down somewhere that would not be the case but the fear that creates anxiety seems to be a lot more powerful

Your medication may not be strong enough for you if you are feeling it is doing nothing at all to help so I would go back & discuss that with your Doctor as well as some Counselling therapy could really help to , which your Doctor could refer you for :-) x


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