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Anxiety/disease is getting worse help!!!!

Im 16 and posted a few weeks ago as i have been feeling really ill recently and convinced i have a disease, i have been told i have anxiety but i cant believe it i just feel so ill, my symptoms are dizziness/lightheaded for most of the day, general feeling of being ill, headaches but the worst thing is just feeling like i am dying,I really need help i have recentky gone to hospital 7 times in the last few weeks and i have been prescibed beta blockers which dont help please can someone talk to me and tell me what is happening, thank you


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You are not dying, anxiety works by tying you in knots, don't go to hospital go see a GP and explain your anxiety symptoms. Then you have to find out what is causing them. FYI the more stressed you get the worse you will feel, relax, breath, clear your mind. Try it and see if it works but for several days not just 10 minutes



I know how bad it can be! But your not dying it's your bodies response to your brain sending danger signals to your body for no apparent reason but there usually is some kind of psychological trigger but it's not always easy to figure this out without working with a professional, running and yoga helped me get enough relief from the symptoms, don't know that helps any but I hope you feel better soon


Hi Brad your not alone and don't give up you'll be fine. I myself got to the point where I felt hopeless and in fear of everything and everyone. I felt like I was going to die and felt so sick I couldn't function right. Similar to the symptoms you had .prayer helped me get though we worst and gave me the peace I needed. I know it's hard but you will be okay just think positive . May God give you the peace you need amen.


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