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Romeo and Juliet

Well what a night that was. Between various assignments outstanding for course work, posting on several sites. I became involved with 2 stressed out friends and their on/off relationship.

Eventually in the early hours of the morning the sand man won and I collapsed in a heap with my duvet. I suppose I should be pleased that both parties want to talk to me, that they want to interest me in their lives, that... Well unfortunately I don't. Especially as the main cause is the side effects one of them is getting from medication and they will only keep making excuses when they need professional advice to solve the problem.

Have any of you had really bad side effects. How did you solve it. Can it be done simply by your self or do you need professional help.

I await any thoughts, as I am beginning to stress every time I hear a phone.


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I would suggest it's easier to come off medication with professional help but my partner did it himself as an older teenager.( I assume this is what you mean.) I think it was a very traumatic and difficult time for him but he is a very determined man.

Maybe and I know this is really hard but you have to set some kind of ultimatum and stick to it because in my opinion that is the only way they are going to seriously think about getting help. They have to make some effort and then you can support them in this.



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