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Help with emotions

Does anybody know how to deal with the anxiety and anger of being diagnosed young. I'm going to die in a couple of years so I don't need the go to support groups and it's not a death sentence bullshit. Maybe some of you want to keep living with this, I don't. I just want to know if anybody else knows how to control the anger and crying when society brings up hiv

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Yeah, I do !!! First of all, change your "know-it-all" attitude about being HIV + !! Unless you are diagnosed with something else, there's no reason why you should die because you're HIV+ !! As long as you do what the doctor says, and believe that YOU will a long and happy life, you should have a different outlook on everything.

Read my posting, it might shed a different light on things !!

Wishing You All The Best,



Dude. We need to talk. I know that saying "I've been there" sounds ridiculous but, I have. So...let's talk


Hang on a minute there mate! I'm going to have to agree with what has been said so far - but also add...


I get the anger! We all have a share of that. But it certainly isnt the ned of the world that you imply. I was 17 when I was diagnosed and expected to die within months back then. Thta WAS something to be angry about. My life had just started and was about to be taken away!

Its not all easy going - but there are many other things that are worse than having HIV my friend. You start medication and become undetectable and carry on your life. My contemporaries didnt have that luxury or that option. All the friends and myself who spent years taking the first wave of antiretrovirals- incredibly toxic drugs trying to make this all easier to live with.

If you want to scream and shout at someone - then I am here. Get whatever it is off your chest. But dont give up - life is far too much fun to give up on it. Even the bad bits have a value in the end.

All the best


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