What number is undetectable

What is the magic number to be undetectable? I have been at 100 200 last few test with a Cl 800 1200. Now I am going to start another drug to get me undetectable. Anyone else have this experience ?

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  • Undetectable is below 20. I use stribild and was undetectable within 2 months

  • Hi thanks for your reply I am on stribuld as well. And over the last year have been in the 100 200 range. 3 tests Now I'm on one more in addition to the strbuld Just finishing my 30 day supply this week Test again end of month

  • Hi im 64 years old, Latino I'm on stibuld also and have been undectable now for the last 2.5 years... my follow ups are every 3 months still.. after my next appointment it will be every 4 months... my viral load is less than 20 and my cd4 count is 638

  • Of what I know 50 or below that.

  • It's below 40

  • It will depend on the type of treatment you're in.

    Some of the are 40 and bellow, others are 20 and bellow.

    Again, it will depend. Your best option is to ask your doctor.

  • Undetectable is variable. The specific number has changed over time and depends on the laboratory equipment used. When I first tested positive, the test was not available to doctors, but was only used in research settings. At the time, the test was only sensitive down to 500; anything below that was undetectable. In research laboratories today, there are tests sensitive down to one.

    Most labs test down to 20 or 50, and any number below that is undetectable. Interestingly, the test also has an upper limit, around 10 to 20 million. Above that, the result is unquantifiable.

    Because the actual number for undetectable keeps getting lower, there is a debate among providers on how high a viral load needs to get before switching meds. If you tested positive years ago when undetectable meant below 500, your viral load would be undetectable, and your provider would not be changing anything. World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines call anything below 5,000 virally suppressed.

    The most common indicators of detectable HIV are issues around compliance. If you are supposed to take the drug with food or on an empty stomach, avoid particular medications that reduce stomach acid, and of course, not missing doses.

  • Thanks for your information .You made me ask another question If the WHO. Says that 5000 is surpressed why is my doctor want to get me on another drug to get me below the 100 I have been avg ????i have just finished my 30 day of this second med thanks no side affects. Thx for your help .

  • You'll be better off asking your doctor that question. My guess is that he's being abundantly cautious. Sounds like the new one is working fine. Congratulations!

  • I was diagnosed almost 11 years ago. By the time I was diagnosed, I had developed full blown AIDS. I started off on Atripla (one pill a day). I was undetectable in 2 months. However, I am apparently allergic to one of the ingredients as I broke out in spots. They didn't itch; they didn't hurt. I just looked funny. obviously my Dr changed my meds. I have probably been on 3-4 different cocktails as better meds have come out. My Dr watches my kidneys closely. Last year, my CD4 count got above 200. My Dr always said that he wasn't much concerned about the CD4 as long as I stayed undetectable.

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