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Lockdown Life: Light at the end of the Tunnel

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I hope everyone is safe and well. This winter has been challenging to get through. In Scotland, it is dark, damp, and cold however, I’m sitting in my office while I write this, and the sun is streaming through the window and I get the feeling that spring is almost here. I have been shielding for 11 months now and I feel that the COVID crisis may be coming to end. Do not get me wrong I think we will always have to live with COVID, but it will not be this extreme. The reason why I have this newfound optimism is I have had my first dose of the Oxford Covid -19 vaccine. I did have a reaction to the vaccine, but I would encourage everyone to get it when they are offered the vaccine. I suffered from a very high temperature (39.1c), muscle aches, and more muscle spasms than my usual CP spasms. I felt very fatigued and unwell for about 4 days. I also had a sore arm. I phoned my GP and he advised regular paracetamol, fluids, and rest. He explained because I am young my immune system mounts an effective defense and hence the reaction. It should mean that I now have a high level of protection against COVID- 19. At least I’ll be prepared for my second dose in May! I now feel a lot safer and hopefully, ‘normal’ life can resume within the next 6 months.

I am lucky because I can work from home on my PhD and my work as a law tutor. MS Teams has been a great innovation. I have relied on adult colouring to help me de-stress and helped with COVID anxiety. Any creative pursuit is a form of mindfulness, I am looking forward to my art club restarting. I am hoping to write a blog about adult colouring and how it has helped to improve the symptoms of my CP. Look out for that. I know I still have to be careful and follow the Hands-Face-Space advice, but it is a positive step forward. I am glad to see that the government has now prioritised vaccines for people with learning disabilities at last.

Have you had the vaccine yet? Share your experiences of lockdown life below.

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