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Living with CP in a time of Covid

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How is everyone bearing up? I’m doing my best to remain up beat and doing my exercises everyday. It is part of the human condition to feel scared. I know I’m scared of Covid. The past six months have been really hard and the only people I am seeing in person is my parents. We decided to suspend my carers because the risk of Covid was too much. I have been shielding for 16 weeks and continue to do so with some flexibility. I am lucky because I got a priority shopping slot with ASDA pretty quickly and I can work at home for my PhD. I am also able to tutor my first years online . COVID has made home working common place which is good for my future prospects. I have felt lonely and isolated during Covid as the human interactions that I had have drastically reduced for example going to art group, having a conversation with my taxi driver on the way to university, going to the cafe. It’s not until you lose these little things that you realise they are so important. I have found that keeping in touch with friends and family via zoom and social media , tight knit family support and an exercise routine and activities such as adult colouring has helped. How are you all getting on ? Feel free to share your tips below.

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