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Hello all,

I am quite new to this site – if I ask questions that have been dealt with, or are better addressed to another board, please let me know!

I am a 60-year-old with mild quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy, living alone. A year ago I could walk 2 miles a day unaided – now I am tired out when I hobble 400 yards with a four-footed stick. This decrease in walking feels like a fast degradation of mobility. I have just had to move and I am looking for possible living arrangements, preferably without moving again in the near future. I live in London, England. Can anyone suggest people (or organizations) who may help me consider the different types of accommodation going forward – or reassure me that often the condition stabilizes (and I can continue to live independently in the private sector)?

Thank you,



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Hi John, I'm sorry there's no replies so far. I understand your question, I'm in the middle of trying to move to wheelchair accessible accommodation myself at the moment, but it's not easy trying to weigh up what the options are.

Hopefully someone will have some suggestions for you,


Hi Sandy,

Thank yo for your post and reply. I'd posted this question (by accident) also in a much bigger community, Pain Control. (I don't yet know how to put a link to that pst into my reply, but I hope it's visible to anyone interested). The member there have been very helpful, and I've confirmed that the DWP has put me in the 'support' group. So all sorted.




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