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Bobath Scotland

Hi everyone,

I went to Glasgow yesterday to the Bobath Centre. I had an assessment appointment.

The assessment was very good and professional. The Physio wanted to know how my cerebral palsy affected me so that they could help me problem solve and overcome my challenges. I wanted to focus on muscle tone reduction techniques, pain management as well as coping with falls safely. It was refreshing to know the the Bobath Team specialise in cerebral palsy and know the condition inside out. Also they wanted to work in conjunction with the support I already have e.g. family and medical professionals. Very impressed!

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they sound brilliant! I wish there was something like that in southern England, it's so hard to find a physio that deals with adults with cp.


There is a bobath center in London - google bobath!


thanks for that, have looked them up!!


Also I think there will be different funding options too.


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