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Customising my splints

Customising my splints

Following a blog post I found online, I thought I'd share how and why I customise my splints.

I like to customise my afo's as I wear them most of the time and feel they are a part of me. I don't hide the fact I have cp, and know people are going to look at my splints so I like to give them something nice to look at!!

I use vinyl stickers, and over the years I have had several different designs, including sports brands, motorbike related stickers and slogans.

At the moment I have: On my left which is purple I have a Lady Gaga 'born this way' sticker, and on my right which is black I have a purple union jack.

Does anyone else customise thier aids or equipment?

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I get a choice of colours and patterns before they are made. My night ones are bright pink and my day ones are white. I've had a lot of variations over the years.


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