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Getting Tired of Being Hopeful


I've lately gotten really tired of my blood tests. Every so othen, they keep rising, they do tests, then they fall, and repeat without an answer. I'm tired of waiting and now that its September, even if I switched to a Hepatologist, cannot get an appointment until maybe October.

Anyone like this?

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I’d grab the October appt. I’m possibly looking at end of November. If we don’t fill that spot someone else will, then we wait longer. Good luck to you😊

Abby14 in reply to gwillistexas

So sorry :( Grab the appoitment! hope you get on ok :)

gwillistexas in reply to Abby14

No worries. Thanks!

I did! Got one on Dec 20th! An MRCP though on Nov 17th.

I'll try.

Yep but it is the nature of the beast. My numbers are at just under 12. Blood tests must be monitored as at 15 you could be eligible to go on a transplant list. Do not give up as these numbers are far too important to ignore. I am waiting on a hep also but with the VA it could take along time.

Rn, I'm in a similar boat except its a battle with insurance. The only reason I want it so much closer (beyond it just being annoying.) is that once insurance rolls back, I can't afford copays. Last year, my relative paid for my biopsy and MRCP. My surgery basically landed me in more debt. If I need tests done, itll be done in January because my appointment is still Dec 20th. I wanted to snag an earlier appointment, but my next MRCP appointment is in 3 weeksish. Worried that they can't do much without it..

I just wish I didn't have to pile so much debt.

SunnyXXOO in reply to utep99

I heard the VA is getting better. Not sure if location makes a different in benefits.


utep99 in reply to SunnyXXOO

It really is I had to give up a home in El Paso Texas to get to Ohio. The difference is night and day.

SunnyXXOO in reply to utep99

Oh boy, big difference. Ohio is very beautiful.

Good Luck


SunnyXXOO in reply to utep99

And what a beast it is !!!! Don’t give up, it will be okay. My numbers at first we’re AST 1759 - AST - 1700. ALK PHOS 500ish. Your numbers will fluctuate. Mine are spot on today but still working on healing the liver now.


Take first appt you can get, hepatologist is seriously need in this department.

Try to stay positive, easier said then done.


I'm going to try then. I was offered one incredibly soon, but got worried at first because the MRCP appointment isnt until the 17th of November. I've tried getting in contact with the Hep, but it goes no where. (Literally. I tried asking about the MRCP my gastro ordered, but nope, I couldn't even get a hold of the Hep department.

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