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Best indication of liver problems in labs?

Hi all, i had posted my labs from the 11th at the emergency room in another room but i think i messed up and put the same number for 2 tests, i don't have the labs on me, but after reading them to so many people i am sure the BUN & BUN/creat level we're the same at 3 (BUN l=7 h=18) and i cant get super clear answers from any doctors, i am going to see a kidney specialist on the 28th coz the ER said show these labs to your Dr, your kidneys aren't normal, but the primary i have till the 1st only looked at a couple results and didn't look at my MONO level Which is high and now i have a mass in my neck that my care coordinator said it sounds like i have an infection everyone's ignoring and my pain Dr was the only one who would physically examine me, and i think there was some other stuff needed up, ugh these Dr peoples! I was exposed to a black mold substance for a few months and am highly allergic to molds, maybe this messed up my organ function? Idk, any help/answers would be really appreciated, thanks guys

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Hi , now you have your appointment with Kidney Specialist on Tuesday, you have made a great breakthrough.

He/she is the one to really help you.

I know it's easier said than done but try to sit tight now and get some REST.

Make a list of all your symptoms and questions for Tuesday ready to take with you along with all your lab results. then try and take a break from all this till then.

You could show them your neck problem also and mention throat pain as you described.

You need a clear head for Tuesday, hope you can get some rest now.

You are beginning to get somewhere, let's look forward to hopeful diagnosis and help you need from Kidney Specialist.

Hang on in there!!!

xxxx Mary


Thank you Mary, i am definitely gonna get some rest, i usually can get to sleep around 2 or 3 now and it's about that time, i will definitely take a break, i just haven't been trusting Drs to look at what's really there but these are my last posts till i find out anything, well maybe I'll post in the metastatic breast cancer forum due to my mom passing of it and it would be nice to talk to others that understand the condition as i do not and truthfully I'm still sad about it, thanks sweetie! Will update laters! Loves!

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So sorry to hear you lost your Mom to breast cancer.

That must be awful for you, as well as a real concern for your own health.

When we have lots of medical conditions it seems to take ages getting full diagnosis from the Medical people. I just had to rest a while and take a break from battling them, then start over.

We do miss our Moms. Mine died nearly 16 years ago now. All I can say is, It does get a little easier with the passing of time.

Lots of love

Mary xxxxxxxxx

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Thank you Mary, it does suck, I'm sorry you lost yours too, it is a concern for my health, definitely, life is hard, oh well

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