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Very slight yellow tint in eyes only. Almost can’t even notice. But it’s there

50 yr old with cirrhosis. Was banded last year. 3 of them. I went 4 month without a drink, then I slowly started again. Was in a terrible car accident so I have been off work for 6 weeks. That’s when I started drinking every night again. Well I noticed a very slight yellow tint in my eyes . Scared the crap outta me. High bilirubin . Jaundice. I’ve been researching it. Anyone every have this?

Also. I will NEVER drink again

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If you already have a diagnosis of cirrhosis you most definitely want to return to an alcohol free lifestyle. Having jaundice and high bilirubin is a warning that your liver is sustaining further damage. Having been banded it means your liver has been struggling and you've suffered from portal hypertension. You do need to commit to an abstinent life going forward to give your liver any chance of repairing some of the damage done - it will never heal 100% but you'll prolong it's existence if you stop the booze. Should you end up in the situation where you require a liver transplant to save your life you will only be considered for assessment if you can prove a minimum 6 month abstinence & commit to an alcohol free future.

All the best, Katie

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Hi there, first off well done on being sober, your not the first and by no means the last to relapse.. i should know as i did myself.

You have cirrhosis, so do.i, 10yrs in june . Was given months to live in 2008 caused by alcohol. Ascites, malnutrion, muscle wastage etc.. not eating. Been a hard journey but i am 3 yrs sober..just for today i will not drink, please take this as a warning! As anyone with liver disease can go from ok to bad overnight!! .. i am sure you can ! Best wishes.. linda


Millie. Congrats on you’re sobriety!

Did you ever developed jaundice?

I be been drinking water like crazy and I ate healthy last 3 or 4 days.

I went today and bought all kinds of stuff I read about to treat this jaundice (liver) just wonder how long this will take to go away. I will never eat sweets again, nor white bread. I am committed for life.!!!

I’m just freaked out about my eyes.


Jaundice is the result of too high levels of Bilirubin. It should reverse if you can maintain the sobriety and start looking after your liver better. You really shouldn't take any lotions, potions or so called 'remedies' as none of these are proven to have any postive effect on the liver and in some cases owing to them not being tested properly can actually have negative effects on liver function test numbers etc.


Thank you! .. yes i did slightly, but to be honest i dont know how long it had taken to clear away.

I was on fortisip and fortijuice on discharge from hospital to try and get some nutrients back in my body. I don't take anything unless prescribed by my doctor or hepatologist..i have put on loads of weight but this is down mobility issues.

I do eat wholemeal bread, and i do have chocolate as a treat. 😋 so far im doing ok apart from HE, itching, sleep patterns terrible, all the joys that come with cirrhosis.

Just stay off the booze, eat a well balanced diet etc.. you will get there! .. linda

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