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Post-Biopsy Recovery


I'm scheduled for a liver biopsy tomorrow, and while I'm not concerned about the actual procedure, I am curious as to the recovery. I was supposed to travel about 2 hours away (and not near any other hospitals) to a lake house for a weekend of boating, sports, etc the morning after the procedure. What was your recovery experience? Are my plans realistic, or will I likely be too tired/in pain to enjoy myself?

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If you are in the UK you will be expected to lie still in hospital for 6-8 hours post procedure to ensure all is well and there is no internal bleeding.

The recommendation is to take things easy for a couple of days after, no heavy lifting, nothing strenuous, no risk of any pressure or trauma to your abdomen.

Your doctor may differ, but i would say go home and postpone the weekend of sporting activity for a while. There should be no fatigue and no pain, its the risk of internal bleeding or trauma that is why you should take things easy.


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