Given a death sentence!!

Hello.My name is Pam.I just cleared the hcv.Now I find out I have cirrhosis. What a bummer.My dr.will put me on a transplant list. Until then,all I can do is eat right,drink lots of water-you know stuff that's good for my body.No salt!!! I will fight tho.The only med's I'm on is spironolactone(25 mg.)It's a water pill to reduce the fluid in my belly.It's working,thank goodness.So I'm new to all this.Could use some feedback.Thanks. PS.I have stage 4.

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  • Hi pam -b , sorry to hear your news . I too was diagnosed with Cirrosis in 2008 but mine is chronic ALD . I have been on spiranalacone in the past , my highest ever dose was 200 mg a day plus 100 mg of fruozemide which did not help , I looked pregnant with twins ! My tummy , Ankles and legs were full of fluid . I was admitted to hospital as an emergency in July 2008 . I was there for around 6 weeks where I was drained 3 times to take away the fluid . So today I am still here thank the Lord , I am on w now sodium diet and I make all my meals from scratch .even Curry . I drink green and herbal less only and sugar free water . Almond millk and coconut or rice milk . I am on thiamine tablets , b12 . Diazepam for anxiety and sertraline for depression . As yet I am not on any transplant list , I have regular check ups every 6 months on my LFT . awaiting results of my recent one .i was told I would need a transplant as that would be my only option but I take care in my Heath as much as I can . You are not alone here . There is a lot of lovely people on here and all very supportive and friendly . If there is anything you would like to ask me at any time you are very welcome .. Best wishes Linda X

  • Thanks so much Millie09.Wow-sounds like you are doing pretty good!! Am so glad for you!! Keep on going strong! Well I actually was diagnosed in 2010 with stage 3-4.Didn't really know I had it till a couple of weeks ago.(There's a story behind that but I won't get into that right now!) I cleared the virus a year ago but didn't get tested until very recently & found out that I cleared the virus.(Harvoni) And I haven't drank but 3 times in the last 11 years, the last time was 2 years ago so that has helped my liver a lot! Omg,when I found out I had cirrhosis, I really thought I was going to die in about a month!! I was already trying to give some of my stuff to my family! Anyway I am going to fight like you.I'm going to eat like I'm supposed to(Right now I don't have the money to buy the good fruits & stuff.) But I have already started-no salt,No sweets right now & stuff like that.So I too will fight on!! The consequences of my actions when I was a lot younger! But I don't dwell on that much.Can't! Anyway I will talk to you again. I will definitely get on here again.I feel better already! I don't quite feel all alone! Thanks again for talking to me.Best wishes for you Millie09!!

  • Your very welcome Pam-b , I try my best and that's all I can do , I have no doubt in my mind that you will be ok ! Like myself , when I was told I Had Cirrosis that was it , I was convinced I was going to die , yet 8 years on thank the lord I am still here , not even under the care of the hospital . Even small changes to your diet to begin with is going to be beneficial to you . Not many people I don't think are told much except to have low sodium diet but the liver thrives of good nutrition giving it time to repair and regenerate ! Well done on making the first step ! Here if you need to chat ever again . Best wishes Linda

  • Hi , if you have just finished treatment of HCV, you need to allow about six months for the liver to settle , and recover . Its probably having a huge sigh of relief right now that it is no longer being attacked. In some people there has been quite a large lessening of the damage after treatment. All stage 4 means is you have cirrhosis, it is not a death sentence . Life is a death sentence , as we all have to go sometime. I know people who have had cirrhosis for 10-20 years who are still going strong.

    The dose of Spiro you are on is the lowest you can get, which indicates you have very little ascites . Like Milliee I had drains , and was on 200 of Spiro for a while . I now have not taken any diuretics , and as confirmed by ultra sound have no ascites for 18 moths. Follow a good diet , all home made, low salt , good fats only , although not too heavy on the fat . Low sugar too. Lots of fresh fruit and veg . I would suggest a good quality priobotic as well , as your gut will thank you and you will absorb the nutrients better. I have been told they don think I will ever need a transplant now , and I will live to have "old bones" , my consultants words. Don't forget about exercise its very important too , gets more oxygen flowing around the body , which all your organs will thank you for.

    Its early days for you yet , and you are in the first throws of a grieving process, and in shock . In time you will come to terms with the fact you have cirrhosis. I live a normal life , and expect to for many years if not decades. Just remember you are still the same person , you ARE not your diagnosis.

  • Hi Bermuda 1. Can I just say what a great inspiring post . I am so glad to hear how well you are doing ! Like myself I have a very healthy diet , green and herbal teas .plenty of veg , chicken etc .. I am no longer on spironalactone . Not for over a year now . No longer under the hospital just my GP . So glad you could help pam -b as I was not familiar with her treatment . Keep going ! Best wishes Linda X

  • Hi Bermuda. Thanks a lot for your reply! Wow-your gonna have old bones!! I know how nice that was to hear!! I'm going to try & do that too.And I'm so happy for you. Yes I thought it was a death sentence but now I see that if you take good care of yourself & eat the right foods & stuff that maby I too can live a normal life! Thank you Bermuda for getting back to me.Oh yeah-my Dr. said he will put me on a transplant list. Wishing you the best & keep up the good work!!!

  • Were all here reading praying for all. In the same boat mostnof us. Living life with cirrhosis

  • Good girl, Pam! ❤ I'm glad you're fighting it. My daughter has brain cancer and small children but is fighting it and apart from searing head pains is still going strong.

    Much luck and love to you. ❤xxxx

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