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Elevated liver enzymes

Hi 2 years ago I had a liver resection which 60% of my liver was removed,results showed I had a pecoma,I have been fine up until now,I have been having lots of problems low ferritin, low vit b 12,and now elevated enzymes in my liver,I also have pain and tenderness at the liver sight and have IBS symptoms,in really worried as to what's going on,I'm having a scan on my liver and an endoscopy and colonoscopy,I have iron infusions asi can't tolerate meds and am due to start b12 injections,just wondering if anyone else has the same symptoms

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What is a pecoma Trudy? I had a resection nearly 5 years ago but for HCC not the same reason as you.


Hi a pecoma is a rare malignant tumour,it is very rare even my liver specialist had to research it,it was removed as it was growing and getting to close to the main artery running through the liver


Have you had the scan and endoscopy yet? How are you liver enzymes at the last check?


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