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Recent information- 2016- on microsurgery for lymph anyone?

Hi.....i have just come across this site and am wondering if anyone had any luck regarding finding sites in UK that do microsurgery for lymphedema. i saw on one site that the NHS used to pay but that was years ago and was in Oxford and at the Royal marsden. i have just recently got lyphedema in my right leg after 15 years dealing with breast cancer. i never had chemo or radiation and chose alternative methods but my right side started with complications to my lymph and I want to try and deal with it before it worsens. I am in Spain a lot so any new information about docs in Europe would be appreciated. TIA

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I too only developed lyphedema in recent years woudl you not try Austria I believe that there is a clinic there but its not surgery it is intense drainage


thanks.....i really feel as if I need to do the microsurgery...node transfer thing as it is in an early stage.....have been researching some doctors and just found one in Uk - karrilymphoedemaclinic so waiting to hear fees etc....i spent so much on credit cards last year at the OASIS OF HOPE in mexico but feel it was a good investment so see this as yet another stage to be least now i know there is hope where all as i've heard up to now is - no hope....i went on to YOUTUBE and saw a lot of doctors discussing these techniques....x

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There are two different types of surgery offered by some specialists especially, I think, in Belgium and in Italy, although the surgeons who developed these procedures were Japanese. I went to a lecture given in a Lymphoedema Centre by a nurse who presented the problems associated with both types of surgery. The one type of surgery which I wouldn't recommend is the one which involves transplanting lymph nodes from a healthy area to a problematic one as one can end up jeopardising the former; no one would want to end up not only with one area where the lymph nodes are compromised, but two.

Also, you would need not only to find a surgeon who offers the kind of surgery you want to have but also the percentage of success stories.