Tree trunk legs

Tree Trunk Legs.

This was what my mother and brothers called me, as a teenager. Great for my confidence and self esteem. This was when I was a teenager and I am now in my 50's. I have just found out that there is a name for it and maybe now people will believe me when I have tried diets all my life, and still my legs and bum just got more FAT!

So I am hear for some support and help of any kind please.

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  • Hi there! This really sound like what a lot of us have going through. I am sorry to hear about your story but now to the good news: you are not alone and support is on the way!

    Go have a look at for useful information and join here if you want to talk to women with similar stories and condition:

    It has helped me a lot :) and I encourage you to do the same.

  • Thanks for your support and understanding. I will check out your link today at some point. Thanks again.

  • I have exactly the same thing. I've had it since I was about 15 and, now 60 I have just had arm surgery to remove some of the diseased fat and now I'm waiting for leg surgery. It's horrible but there's lots of support out there. I'm not overweight...I'm very small but my legs are big. If you google Lipoedema...or Lipoedema you'll find some answers. Good luck!

  • Hi,

    So sorry to hear that you have suffered from lipoedema for so long and that your mother and brother's cruel comments knocked your self-confidence. Lipoedema is hereditary but a combination of genes can mean that you could be the first person in your family to have it.

    Lipoedema UK have been set up to make sure that Drs, nurses and all people working in healthcare learn about lipoedema so future generations are not left struggling and alone. We are holding a conference in Reading in June this year for our members with speakers who are leading the way in treatments and research for lipoedema. to find out more visit our website:

    Lipoedema UK

  • Thank you for your email. I will look at it later today, thanks again for understanding.

  • I am in Scotland, is there anything up north of the country?

  • Mr Karri treats ladies with Lipoedema in his clinic in East Yorkshire, that would probably be the nearest one to you. I believe he has great results and it very reasonably priced. I am going to see him for surgery next month. He does a lot of work with Lymphoedema too which is important to me as tumescent Liposuction can damage the lymphatic system so you have to be very careful who you go with as you could end up with Lymphoedema.

  • Passed on down the female line and you dont have much to thank your kin for when they didnt do anything to help you.

  • sorry not so far, Reading is quite easy from London and Heathrow, if you are up to travelling. There are some excellent nurses and therapists in Scotland, if you contact us with your postcode we can check who is the nearest.

  • PR21ER preston lancs

  • Hi have just read your post. I am in a similar position, having been asking varied doctors for over 40 years, as to why my leg's are so swollen and heavy, still waiting for an answere. Had this condition all my life. My post code is, G66F. I live in Glasgow/ Scotland. Thanks

  • There is a surgeon in Scotland called Alex Munnoch who treats Lipoedema on the NHS or privately your nearest surgeon is probably in Mr Karri in East Yorkshire.

  • Rachel, just to let you know. East Yorkshire is in England!

  • Yes I know! My point is that no one in Scotland does this surgery privately so as the crow flies East Yorkshire is the nearest then probably Birmingham Dr Dancey.

  • I would and have travled the length of the UK dont knock her back.

  • Hi Rachel that's good news and good of you to pass it on. By any chance do you know where Alex Munro works, which hospital. I live in Glasgow and would try to get a referral to see him. At present the last answere I got on asking about the severe swelling in my legs, "Had this since I was a child," so did my mum my daughter has had it as a child also, genetic with us. I was told arthritis?. Prior to the arthritis explanation I have never been given any explanation let alone an answere. Thanks.

  • He works at Ninewells in Dundee but I heard that they mentioned at the Lipoedema conference in Reading that he had an accident in Australia lately so I think is on leave at the moment.

  • Hi

    can you please email Lipoedema UK at

    to receive a reply for any enquiries regarding postcodes and nearest clinics.

  • I would like to find out if there is any in Scotland East Coast. Don't want to give my address on this site, thanks

  • I am in Fife, Scotland

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