Is this lipodema ?

Is this lipodema ?

Hi I'm new, does this look like stage 1 Lipodema, my doc says its muscle at the bottom of my calf near my Achilles' tendon, I know there is no muscle there, it is a fat chunk I have a fist size fatty area just below my knee, it's really painful over the calf muscle and I have varicous veins on the inside of my knees. I was super skinny boy figure before I was diagnosed with Hashimotos thyrodosis 13 years ago, a year later I got pregnant since then my legs have looked like this ☹️ I have changed diet a lot that helped a bit though.

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  • Hi luv. This is my first post to this group, but I wanted to answer you. I have stage 3 lipoedema. I was dx by a physical therapist. I was being treated for lymphedema and she noticed some differences.

    My skin was very sensitive to touch.

    The swelling did not go down as quick as it should of.

    The make-up/feeling of my skin... Fat... Did not feel right

    So about 6 months ltr i found a dr that dealth with this and was given my official dx.

    I'm certainly not a dr, but it sounds like you have these symptoms. And from the stage 1 pictures ive seen, your legs look very similar.

    The main tx is manual lymph drainage. This helps your lymphatic system process all the built up fluids.

    I hope this helps you! I'm sure others more qualified than myself will come and answer as well.

    Take care!

  • Hi Joanne - your legs look lovely to me (although they may not to you). Watch your weight, eat healthy foods, exercise, and wear compression tights if you feel you need support. If you experience puffy feet and heavy legs, lymph drainage massage can ease this - you can learn how to do this yourself. If you are unsure, seek the advice of a lymphoedema therapist - they can reassure you and give you tips on lymph massage and compression wear.

  • Hi Joanne sorry you haven't gotten the answered your looking for. In my experience the whole of the leg enlarges over time. From my experience it starts from the feet up and the ankles get wider and thicker as does the whole leg. From your photo it appears you have a slim ankle quite defined. I could be wrong in just going by appearance but when you hear orhave heard of the saying legs like tree trunks, that is usually how the swollen legs and ankles appear to look like in shape, heavy from the bottom up. Hope you get the true diagnosis, it's taken me over 40 years. Don't get fobbed of persist to get the answered you believe. Best of luck.

  • I have it but I cannot tell if you have it. If you look on the NHS choices page look in the A to Z for this condition it explains in detail. I have stage 4 it has been the serg of my life. I am hoping to see a consultant to find out what can been. But one thing I can tell you is that NO diet or exercise will help.

  • Ohh thanks will do that, I have tried for 4 years I though it was my thyroid medication not getting into cells but I've changed everything also diet and bit improvement in health just not legs, good luck with your appointment.

  • Ive been on there and it sounds like me but still not sure

  • Hi joanna like you I'm new to this hun, have just joined LSN as have got more information & support on here. My swelling starts with feet, ankles & goes up leg. Everyone is different, you'll find lots of experienced people on here hun so welcome & hope you get some relief, Lynne x

  • Thanks, Do you have stage 1, does my photo look like yours?

  • Hi,

    Have a look at ;

    I have met people at Lipoedema conferences who have had fatty deposits that they have had removed surgically because they have bern diagnosed with a syndrome that isn't Lipoedema so maybe do a little more research on a reliable websit would be helpful ?

    Most of the people I know with diagnosed Lipoedema don't have ankles and I certainly don't.

    My legs are like columns or as I was called at school " Tree Trunks " but I do know others who have some shape at the ankle but have " saddle bags " round their hips !

  • Think you may be right Aprille, my fat bulges don't wobble, and I did a bit more research and the only thing I could come up with was shulmans syndrome (eosophil fasciitis ) it's a connective tissue disorder which makes it hard which mine is, it's very rare!! 300 people diagnosed since 1974 worldwide!! I paid private to see a rheumatologist and I told him what I thought it was and he was inclined to agree, I will be having some bloods done and then a deep tissue biopsy then MRI scan done to get some answers, I don't see him now till July so will post with update

    Thanks for your reply's

  • I have had Hashimotos for 14 years

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