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Why are their promyelocytes showing up in my blood test?


Hi, I recently had a blood test where they found promyelocytes in my blood. The count was 0.08x1000/mcL and the percent was 0.9. Ive asked several doctors what this could mean and they all are unsure. I’m wondering if anyone know why this would come up in my test and if it is significant? The only other value that was abnormal was my manual lymphocyte count which was last 5.57x1000/mcL.

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Hi, I see you've joined today and this is your first post. You don't say if you have a diagnosis of any type of blood cancer and so I presume you've had a blood test for some reason and this has been flagged up.You haven't mentioned all the other results and so I'm going to assume that they are all normal, apart from your slight increase in lymphocytes. Given all those things, I do not think that this mention of promyelocytes is of any significance at all. Usually they are found only in the bone marrow and are immature neutrophils.

It's highly likely that the blood analyser has misclassified these cells as promyelocytes when they may be monocytes and there is nothing to worry about at all. The best action would probably get a repeat in a few weeks to see if they are still there and if any of your other results have changed.


honeyb12 in reply to Jm954

Thank you for your reply, I was really concerned as all I could find online was that it may be a sign of acute promyelocytic leukemia. Yes, all of my other results came back fairly normal other than my lymphocyte increase. I am scheduled to talk to a hematologist but the soonest I could get wasn’t until January 7th unfortunately. I have talked to several internal physicians but they have no explanations for this. I was also concerned because I was starting to get symptoms of leukemia such as night sweats and a swollen spleen/liver which lasted a little over 3 weeks but they have started to go away which is very confusing. I’ve also been testing negative for every virus they think it could be so far but they all tell me it probably is just one that I have a hard time getting over. I am supposed to get more blood tests soon because I had elevated ast and alt levels that have thankfully started to go down but they want to monitor that. I’m sorry I’m telling everything but it does help me figure out what some possible explanations may be which is very helpful especially since it is so hard to get a hold of any specialists or doctors during this time. Once again, I greatly appreciate your reply and I really hope it was just a mistake in the lab.

Jm954 in reply to honeyb12

You sound as though you are in USA so I hope they have checked you for Dengue. Often deranged LFTs and swollen liver/spleen with a raised lymph count is the result of a viral infection and sometimes they don't know what it is. Time, frustratingly, is often the only way of knowing if you'll get better or if it is something a bit more worrying.

I hope you continue to improve and that you have a lovely Christmas.


Johne1 in reply to Jm954

Thanks for the bioscience lesson, Jackie! Inspector Barnaby would be impressed, too. Now you know what one of my favorite TV shows is. 😅

Jm954 in reply to Johne1

Ahh, Midsummer Murders, good programmes! :)


Hi your question is too technical for me, perhaps it is one for your consultant or your GP.I find the not knowing is the worst for me my mind goes into overdrive.

I have found I need to write down my questions down in advance and I include my fears, thoughts, feelings, symptoms etc.

Take care, stay safe and spoil yourself.

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