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My dads AML at 81 years

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My dad of 81 years old has been diagnosed with AML and given 6 months to live. He is a very fit man and has no immediate symptoms. His Bond Marrow showed that he was losing 40 percent of his blood rapidly - he has chosen not to have treatment of Cybaratine injections at this point and wants to enjoy his quality of life . His bloods will be taken and if need be, he will be given blood transfusions. It’s just really sad and upsetting. We lost mum 2 years ago to cancer - can anyone give me any more info on my dads condition or anything else I should be prepared for. Thanks so much

16 Replies
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This must be a really difficult time. I am afraid I don't know a huge amount about AML, but I know that there are people here who absolutely do, and I am sire they will be along in a while to help you with specifics.

it must be a shock for you, and really difficult, I would say make sure to take some of this time to do some things together that will make good memories. This is what we try to do here (My husband has CLL, which is a chronic form of leukaemia).

I just also wanted you to know that there are people on here listening and ready to hear any worries you may have.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Yes it is important to do things together and create memories. I hope you are managing to do the same xx

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Hi. Welcome to the forum - albeit under such sad circumstances. Our nurse is on the help line on thursday and friday evening, 7.30pm onwards if you'd like a chat? She has years of experience in haematology and can answer any questions you may have. She is on (freephone) 0330 004 0595. Alternatively, if you just want to chat and let off steam, she is there for you too. Take care

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Thank you. Good to know x

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Hi, I am sorry I cannot answer your question, but I just wanted to say I cannot imagine what you are all going through and you must all be in great shock. Take lots of care of yourselves and don't forget this group is here to support all of you.

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Thank you for your reply. Yes it is hard but we must all have strength and not give up ! X

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Really really sorry about your dad’s diagnosis. It must be a really difficult time for you all, my heart goes out to you.

I also suffer from a chronic leukaemia (CML) so have been fortunate enough not to experience the immediacy of what you are going through. It is a courageous decision not to have treatment. I hope your dad gets the quality of life he wants right now.

Take care

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Thank you for your reply. The odd thing about this , is the he fact that he looks healthy enough and has a good quality of life and mobile and independent so you wouldn’t think he was ill. Mum had chemo for liver and Cecum cancer and although initially she was great and full of life she was told no more. She died within a year of treatment . Unfortunately I have learned a lot from mums cancer and I believe my dad has made the correct decision not to have treatment at 81 years. Thankfully, no hiccups with his appointments at hospital -It’s important for everyone to get as much info as possible . Take care to

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Hi there. My 83 year old Mum has recently been diagnosed with AML and given a matter of months if not sooner to live. I know exactly how you feel. Mum has had two transfusions so far but the benefit has only lasted a few days. She is under the palliative team from the hospice who come to her. Good days and bad days at the moment but I feel so overwhelmed by the speed of it all 😢

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I’m so sorry to hear about your mum. Yes it’s a terrible shock when you find out about the AML and even worse given the time left in life. I lost my mum two years ago to Cancer. Now dad. He looks so fit and his recent bloods showed his heamoglobe was 105 so no transfusion. He hasn’t had one since being diagnosed but I’m wondering how things will be once he does. Everyone is different I suppose. You have to be strong for your mum and also look after yourself. It’s so sad but helps sharing on here.

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Thanks for your reply... it's good to share thoughts and experiences . Mum now has red lumps popping up on her legs and stomach. I googled it and it is a symptom of latter stages of AML . Hope your Dad us ok 🙋

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Hi, sorry to hear your news. My dad was diagnosed with AML around the same time, such a shock to us all. He is slightly younger at 71 and has just finished his first round of intensive chemo. It's been very tough on me and my mum, especially after he got an infection. Still a long way to go. How's your dad doing now? It's such a roller coaster of emotions - I hope you have someone close giving you emotional support. All the best to you and your dad xx

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I am now 73 and a year ago, nearly to the day, I was diagnosed with AML and basically given 2 or 3 months to live. I started on Azacitidine injections, but 2 weeks later was in hospital with an infection. I fought back and along with the injections, I was also put onto a chemo tablet called Thioguanine. I have biopsies about every 6 months. I have survived a year and hope to continue from strength to strength. Luckily, I have great support from my wife, who is a nurse by profession.

By the way, I live in inland Spain and the Spanish NHS service is wonderful.

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Hi that’s fantastic to hear your news. My dad didn’t want any treatment. His bloods are taken every 2 weeks - he has defied the doctors. They gave him a life expectancy of 6 months in August. His neutrophils are extremely low and if he got an infection that would be crucial to his health. 🤞 he remains well. Good luck to you and your gealrh🙏

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Always difficult to see parents sick.

Been there. Make memories and enjoy your Dad to the fullest.

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Thank you x

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