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VIT B12 deficiency

Hi - just wondered if anyone else had this and if it's linked to HCL? I had treatment 5 years ago with Cladribine. I'm seeing GP on Wednesday following a blood test which said I was low in VIt B12 so just curious and want to go informed! Thank you

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Hi sorry I cannot help but you might wish to talk to Leukaemia Care for support and advice: Email: support@leukaemiacare.org.uk

Freephone helpline: 08088 010 444

Opening times: (Monday to Friday) 9am - 5.30pm

Yes, I always believe in 'going informed' or at least with all my fears, thoughts, feelings and questions written down and a pad to write the replies down.

Take care.


thank you! :)


Thanks for posting, talking to our CNS advisers it is very unlikely that there is a connection to HCL or chemo treatment many years ago.

There are many reasons why this can occur and your body does not absorb sufficient levels; age, medications, excess coffee, bacterial infections such as H. pylori, intestinal disturbances or weak digestion, can be causes.

Good it has been identified and your doctor can help you to balance levels.

Keep us posted



Thank you for replying :) It's frustrating as I pay quite a lot of attention to my diet, no alcohol, no caffiene, etc . Hopefully it's all fixable and I'll be full of beans soon!

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A vegetarian or vegan diet can also be a cause. Good that your doctor paid attention so you can discuss the appropriate supplement dose and timing of rechecks until you find the dose that will maintain a healthy level. My doctor wants me to use sublingual tablets. For some they don’t help and injections get things in range.


thank you for replying. i actually had a private test done that flagged it so more bloods in January by GP and taking bit tablets in the meantime. i don't eat much dairy or red meat so trying to up that. i do find all the dietary guidance these days very difficult! I thought I was going the right thing cutting down meat! I hope you get yours sorted too and the sub lingual works.


I am a vegetarian working toward vegan and have found it to be a good diet for me. B12 sublingual tablets have kept my level in a healthy range for over 10 years, since I changed my eating habits.


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