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Hello my mum has become unable to do any basics like eat walk pick things up no coordination or balance it's like she's gone back to baby stage she has just come out of intensive care due to having pneumonia on both lungs just wondering if anyone knows ew or could help with peripheral neuropathy thanks

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Has she been diagnosed by a Neurologist with that? It could be some other condition if a Neurologist hasn't been involved. So please ask for her to see one. The symptoms are familiar to me but I am not a doctor so wouldn't like to speculate.



Hi, thank you for your post. Is this something new? Try to get medical advice soon so they can do all the investigations and give her the right treatment. In the meantime just be aware that your mum hasn’t got much feeling in hands/feet so keep on eye on those to check for any wounds. She might also benefit from a walking aid.


Good to read mum has made it through the 12 hour scare and is out of intensive care. As Marie has posted seek guidance from a neurologist. They can establish what may be going on and plan with you all how to help her.

we are all thinking of you, stay strong and keep pressing for answers.


Has she recently had chemo? some of the chemo. agents can cause neuropathy in some people. I had a severe neuropathy after Velcade treatment for Myeloma. Most symptoms did disappear although I have residual neuropathy in my feet which do cause me some balance problems.


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