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Persistent infections and always unwell

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I have been struggling with persistent infections for 3 months and am due for my hospital monitoring visit in three weeks. It has been over a year since treatment, I am worried that the leukaemia has come back, not feeling so hopeful at the moment!! Does it ever go away?

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Hi Hopeful

Sorry to read that you are unwell. May I suggest you call your doctor and explain your fears, they may fit you in sooner. It has been a tough winter, with a lot of infection flying about. Treatment can reduce your ability to fight it off, for quite some time. I hear you though, very hard to stay positive all the time, I think it is always in the back of my mind.

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Thanks Ricky

More hopeful today after some sleep, I called my GP they are able to see me after the weekend. will go from there.


I agree with the comment you have already received. Contact your doctor now! It is possible you have an infection or even a virus? Understandable you are thinking the worst though. However even if that is the case the sooner you see your doctor the better? You can't worry yourself silly for another 3 months?

Take care of yourself.


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Thanks for the tip, I am feeling a bit better today, mentally. I will see a doc next week.

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Welcome, it can be hard to remain positive at all times., But if you are feeling unwell it is even harder! Best to check it out now, things can escalate at weekends. it may be nothing major and treatable,?


Thank you, you are so right.

Hi Hopeful

Over the years post treatment I have had numerous infections,viruses and colds. In the early years post treatment I would call my CNS ( we even have an emergency out of hours service) explain what was happening and she would then either book me in the following day/week for clinic or just by talking through how I felt made me feel better and more in control.

I hope you are able to see your doctor asap.

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Thank you for sharing, I am seeing a doctor after the weekend. I will also see if I can talk to someone at the hospital haematology day unit.

Hi hopeful, thank you for posting. Living after leukaemia is never easy. It’s been a tough winter and treatments have slowed the way your body fights infections. Have you seen any doctor in the last 3 months? I would recommend you to always seek for advice by doctor or CNS when unwell: they may book you in earlier or support you over the phone. Sometimes even a chat is enough :) I hope you will get better soon!

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Thank you systole

I think I am guilty of not seeing doctors as much as I should have, partly because so many have been there with a cold. I am so grateful for everyone's encouragement and am seeing someone next week.

Hi. I’ve been in a similar position. Had lots of viral

Infections this winter and after a lot of badgering got my GP to refer me to my consultant. Although my lymph nodes were still swollen and I had a sore throat my bloods were all ok. Consultant just reckoned as my immune system isn’t 100%due to the hairies that I just had a lot of infections. I had got myself into a very anxious state and convinced myself I needed treatment again. Hopefully you will be in a similar position and all will be well. Hugs xx

Hi emmieb so glad to read that all is stable with your leukaemia, I hope everything else settles. Thank you for sharing this with me, I will try to get my immune status checked when I visit my haematologist in 3 weeks.

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Hopefully you will feel more reassured when you've seen the haematologist. Hope the 3 weeks aren't too anxiety inducing xx

Hoping for sunshine before then, that always helps :-) Thanks

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