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LDN on an MS relapse


I currently have an MS relapse and corticosteroids no longer do the trick for me, did any of you out there ever try LDN when in a relapse? Did it help?

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Hi Demischa, I've found a lot of information about LDN helping people with MS to improve their symptoms or even out it into remission. Honest Medicine, a book by Julia Schopick has many case histories on this. There is also a great deal that we can do to improve all autoimmune conditions by removing the food triggers which are causing us to have a leaky gut, namely gluten, dairy, sugar, soy. I've been trying an autoimmune Paleo diet for my Hashimoto's, for a couple of months, and have already been feeling much better on it.

Palmer Kippola is a woman who cleared her MS naturally, by changing her diet. She's now been symptom-free for nine years. palmerkippola.com There is a good interview with her here: drannacabeca.com/blogs/podc...

I think that LDN is definitely worth trying, as well as an elimination diet to find and remove foods that may be triggering your symptoms. Good luck to you!

Thank you LDNHashiGirl and yes Palmer is a great example for beating MS...I have a clean diet since January and I’m hoping things will get better soon

Hoping you decide to give LDN a try as well, and have access to a doctor who will prescribe it. I do think it's helping me with my Hashimoto's and the case studies in Honest Medicine were very encouraging. : )

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