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NDL with THC okay?

I have been dealing with un- & mis-diagnosed pain and other symptoms for 20+ years prior to last week's fibromyalgia diagnosis. Through some luck, I was able to notify my doctor about NDL and I've been prescribed a 2mg 30/day supply. I will start in a week, due to a very minimal occasional opiate consumption. The comments I've been reading indicate I could have sleep issues. Currently I take a small edible marijuana supplement before bed. I know opiates are contraindicated. Is 5mg THC okay to consume nightly?

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Yes, you can combine THC/CBD with LDN. Opiates are the only medications that our medical advisors have said do not mix well with LDN.

Here's some advice from Pharmacist Suzy Cohen: "Melatonin-For many night-time thrashers, it’s a question of how much melatonin you secrete from your pineal gland. Melatonin production can be augmented if you supplement, because the pills (or sublingual sprays) get absorbed into your bloodstream and trigger the same sleep reaction as if you had made the hormone yourself. Fluoride can harm your pineal gland, which is supposed to make melatonin. For some, melatonin supplements are highly effective. For others, it must be combined with glycine, hops, valerian root or kava. I always suggest low dosages, about 0.2 to 0.3 mg per night, but you will find many supplements containing more. Be very careful with yourself, this is a hormone. Too much melatonin and you will suppress cortisol to the point that you feel bad getting up every morning (when cortisol is supposed to be peaking). That said, melatonin has a widespread (wonderful) effect on the immune system and specifically awesome for people with auto-immune disorders and chronic infections."

Hope this helps!


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Thanks very much. This is super helpful.


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