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Dr Jill Cottel -Ldn

You have to admire Dr. Jill Cottel. She is a medical advisor for the LDN Research Trust, has done numerous radio interviews, and was an expert presenting doctor at the LDN Conference in Portland Oregon last September. Now, she has developed a tele-medicine system in her practice whereby she can do medical appointments by phone in the states of a Virginia and California. This added service is invaluable for patients who cannot travel for one reason or another. During this interview she discusses “Alcohol Use Disorder” (AUD) and how successful “The Sinclair Method” (TSM) is in treating the problem. Simply explained, the patient takes a 50 mg Naltrexone tablet one hour before drinking alcohol. It negates the effects and over time, reduces the addictive aspects. She explains how this safe and inexpensive method works, and that the success rate is 78%. This interview is well worth listening to and sharing with family and friends. Review by Ken Bruce vimeo.com/249935415

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