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LDN a strong anti-inflammatory??

LDN a strong anti-inflammatory??

Hello, (this photo, because it made me smile! Hopefully it will you too. 🙄)

I read recently that LDN was a strong anti- inflammatory. I've been off LDN now for a week and a half, I had originally started it back in Jan. on the 16th. I stopped it 8 days ago to see if it was actually causing my swollen painful joints. Those symptoms came about 3 weeks after I started LDN and had got to the 3mg dose. I continued through the pain and got up to 4.5mg 2 weeks later. The only thing I noticed LDN was doing for me was making me feel good mentally, I had more energy and less brain fog. And that WAS great. But, I've been put on prednisone for the last 2 1/2 weeks and I wanted to see if after the prednisone was finished, and having stopped LDN, if my joints were the same or better.

LDN is supposed to help with pain and inflammation. Well, it didn't for me. I was diagnosed recently with Seronegative RA. LDN is supposed to be good for that too. So, I plan on giving it another shot. I most probably will have to take Plaquenil. So, I will do that for the RA and LDN for the energy and "feel good" effect it gives me. Spoke with my doctor and many with RA take both. No drug interactions with them, or with the URSO either if you also have PBC like I do too.

Just strange LDN didn't help with the RA.


Dx PBC 10/16

Dx Seronegative RA 4/17

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Had to go back to your first post to see how long you were on LDN. It takes time for some of the benefits to happen.

I don't know why some inflammation takes longer to respond, all I can say is it took us a long time to get to this point, it will take a while for the body to respond.

Please let me know how it goes when you start again. And thanks for the smile!!



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