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LCHF/Keto junk food

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Hi all.

How's everyone doing?

Not normally one for any processed food at all, I have been uncharacteristically buying some keto "junk food" recently.

This (ridiculously expensive!!) loaf of keto bread, made mainly of almonds and eggs, is actually really good, and very low carb at 3.5g per 100g. I get 19 slices from a 400g loaf so each slice has about 0.7g carbs. It freezes and defrosts well. I'm not too keen on it cold, but toasted it's amazing and I think goes very well with cheese because it's quite a nutty bread.

It made me laugh that one of the serving suggestions on the back of the packet is to top it with mashed banana 😱 - I think they have their branding slightly wrong 😂

Very expensive but it often goes on sale just before it's expiry date - I slice it and freeze it as I only eat a couple slices a week.

Who else eats low carb junk food/processed food?

23 Replies
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Sliced and ready for the freezer.

Ready for the freezer
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It has some coconut fat in it which seeps a little when toasted.

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Hi Professor-Yaffle, I occasionally buy low carb bread from the carb zone and it’s pretty palatable. However it is more expensive than regular bread and you have to spend a certain amount to get free postage. I occasionally bake cakes & biscuits using coconut or almond flour and use erythritol or other plant-based sugar substitutes. Are they classed as junk food? I do buy low sugar chocolate from Pure Heavenly which is tasty but also eat 70/80% cocoa chocolate too. I eat low carb but not keto - too drastic for me & I’m not sure of the health benefits of its long-term use. I also love my veggies & fruit!

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Professor-Yaffle in reply to TheJazzSinger

Hi TheJazzSinger

Keto pre-made food is super expensive, I agree... and as others have pointed out it's not particularly readily available. The price helps me keep it all to a minimum though, which I guess is a positive.

It's much better to make your own like you do.... I guess I had one or two successes with low carb baking followed by quite a few flops and I got disheartened. 😢

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TheJazzSinger in reply to Professor-Yaffle

Keep trying the baking. I’ve had some really good results with recipes from I’ve also bought keto rice and pasta from and it’s dried, unlike the konjac stuff, the smell of which makes me heave! 🤢

Low carb pasta
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I buy some keto products--the diet is restrictive enough as it is, and since I figure I'm going to be on it for the rest of my life I figure, why not? It's not like I live only on prepared food--I do a lot of cooking. Being able to have an occasional slice of bread or bowl of pasta is a nice break!

For bread, I really like carbonaut, at 1g/slice. It tastes exactly like real bread to me. (Not like bakery sourdough or anything, but NOTHING tastes like bakery sourdough!)

For pasta, I make my own, but I use King Arthur keto flour--which, who are we kidding--has got a lot of "stuff" in it. But it makes pretty good spaghetti, more real than zoodles or anything like that.

I guess I kinda follow the 80-20 rule, that is, 100% keto, but 20% cheat on the processed part.

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Professor-Yaffle in reply to amykp

Hi amykp

I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment of your post and Thanks for the suggestions regarding keto processed foods. Once my Keto8 loaf runs out I'll look into carbonaut. From the photos on the website it looks a slightly lighter texture than the loaf I'm currently eating which could be a welcome change.

I LOVE!! making pasta and usually do it about once a month. I tend to just use regular flour as I haven't been convinced any lower carb alternatives will work, but I'm going to order some King Arthur Keto flour now! I hadn't heard of it before so thank you. It's a bit harder to get in the UK but there are a few online sellers. Once I have some I gonna make a keto lasagna I think....

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amykp in reply to Professor-Yaffle

If you buy the carbonaut the best (IMO) is the gluten-free seeded in the purple wrapper. It also is the lowest at 1g/slice.

Also (IMO) you can make a pretty mean lasagna using thin sliced zucchini (the long way) in place of noodles. Just dry the slices in a low oven for a bit first. And I know, I'm the one who said zoodles can't fool me. But they work pretty well in lasagna, glopped all over with sauce and meat and tons of cheese.

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Hi Professor-Yaffle I hope all is well with you

Lol!.. the recommendation of banana on top of keto bread!

I don't generally buy keto junk foods. Not for any particular reason. Thinking about it now, having read your post, I may well give some a go. It may help me to retain a more balanced focus on keto and low-carb.

Your bread choice does sound very good, especially paired with cheese. Great combination.

The only processed keto foods I buy in general are 100% cacao chocolate, and pre-packaged things like beef broth and sauerkraut. Maybe it's time for me to branch out a bit..?!

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Professor-Yaffle in reply to Cosmo501

Hi Cosmo501

All is good with me. I'm learning to roller skate at the moment which is very exhilarating.

How are you doing? Did you try the supplemental collagen / making bone broth?

I'm getting back into soup as the weather turns and trying out different bone broth based soups. I've got loads of lamb bones in the freezer and I'm thinking of a spicy lamb and vegetable soup or maybe a thai lamb soup.... can't decide. The bones still have quite a bit of meat on them so I reckon they'll make a nice soup.

I've been through a lot of different bars of 100% chocolate over the last 6 months but I haven't had time to update my 100% cocoa chocolate post. I'm quite disturbed to find that the more 100% chocolate I eat, the more I can eat.... the days where I used to say "oh I can only eat one or two squares because it's so rich" are gone I'm afraid. My daily decaf coffee no longer feels complete without some 100%. It's a slippery slope 🤣🍫

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amykp in reply to Professor-Yaffle

I pretty much count true 100% chocolate as keto--it has no sugar and only a little over 3 grams of carbs per ounce.

Actually, I add a couple of teaspoons of cocoa powder to my coffee every day, mostly because I think it's good for me, antioxidant-wise. (And it happens to work great to get rid of any chocolate cravings.)

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Professor-Yaffle in reply to amykp

True, without all all the added sugar and other stuff it's quite a nutritious food. Proportionately it's a bit higher in carbs than most of the other foods I eat on a regular basis but it's not so much the carbs I worry about as the caffeine.... I'm quite sensitive to caffeine.

Sometime I stir some cocoa into my (decaf) coffee too, it makes a really warming rich drink that I particularly like in the winter, especially with a splash of cream 😋

I think I never really experienced any chocolate cravings until I started eating 100% but I do think there is something uniquely addictive about the pure stuff ......

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amykp in reply to Professor-Yaffle

Ah. I see. For whatever reason, I don't have to worry about caffeine. I have at least two cups of coffee a day (with a lot of cream, sometimes butter!) often on top of tea.

BUT, I am careful not to have any caffeinated after around four-five. I do guard my sleep!

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Cosmo501 in reply to Professor-Yaffle

Sorry it's taken me so long to reply! -- really impressed to hear you've been learning to roller skate. What a fun way to exercise. Are you enjoying it? Feeling fearless? I used to love skating when I was younger. I now take my 6 year old out skating, and have been considering getting back into it... I'll just consider it for a bit longer I think!

Yes, I have started taking collagen supplements, and although it's not yet 3 months, I have felt definite improvements in my joints, and reduction of ache and pains generally. The side benefits to hair, nails, and skin are a great bonus. I've had skin issues in recent years, and it has cleared up. Thank you so much for heading me off in the right direction.

I've not yet tried making my own bone broth, but with the weather becoming chilly and winter closing in it's only a matter of time before I give it a go. I'll let you know how it goes.

I have the same inclination towards eating more and more of the 100% cacao, so I've stopped eating it altogether for now. No doubt I'll be back to it again soon. When I started eating it I really only "needed" 1 or 2 pieces, but I also became quite accustomed to eating more, and then it was just caffeine overload for me and feeling jittery.

Hope all is well with you. I wonder what you decided to do with all the lamb bones? Spicy lamb or Thai soup sounds delicious :-)

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where did you buy this from please

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Professor-Yaffle in reply to Huawei1

Hello Huawei1

I buy the keto8 range from my nearest Planet Organic shop because it often goes on sale at the end of it's shelf life. You can also order it from the Planet Organic website - they stock the whole keto8 range (there are also some cakes crisps and bagels).

You can also order direct from 8 foods;

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I have never seen that bread or anything like it for sale! Supermarkets near me seem to be emphasising vegan food over any other speciality/free from foods.

I too avoid processed food in general. I make my own "bread" rolls, also mainly almond flour and eggs, from a recipe that I originally got from dietdoctor, but which I adapt in various ways.

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Professor-Yaffle in reply to Whydothis

Yeah I agree, It doesn't look like supermarkets have caught on yet regarding keto processed stuff - maybe it's not a large enough market yet? Also I suppose vegan food can be quite cheap to make, so presumably the profit margin is higher - whereas low carb food tends to be more expensive.

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BTW--check labels. Sometimes the word "keto" is just a marketing ploy, and the snack or whatever it is can have a lot of carbs. Or a little, but that's because the serving size is like a single crumb.

I agree that vegan is more "in". Go request what you want! The more folks that do, the more the stores will begin to stock these products.

PS...I guess I don't count things like sauerkraut and pickles and mustard and such as processed, though I suppose they are. Huh.

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Sometimes I sneak into WH Smiths

Nick's Bars, 3.5g net carbs
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I eat a controlled amount of 'ordinary' junk food. I can't afford to waste money on the keto stuff, which often has too much protein or other polyfilla, and really aren't good.

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atrax_robustus in reply to StillConcerned

What do you mean by "too much protein"?

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StillConcerned in reply to atrax_robustus

The ideal amount of maintenance calories for protein is about 12%. Too much protein, as with other macronutrients, has potentially harmful side-effects. Metabolising protein for energy instead of repair and growth produces ammonia for the body to have to cope with, plus stimulates mTOR, increasing the risk of cancer for example.

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